Release Notes

Here's a list of all the big updates and new releases that we've made to UnwindHR.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us!

A Supa-secure April 🔒

April 2024


April brought stronger security, boosted performance and page speeds. We also ran a seamless backend migration and are now officially powered by Supabase. 💪 We also tightened up UX and fixed those pesky mobile bugs.

Marching Onward 🌱

March 2024


March saw us springing forward with loads of super useful user feedback! We've now expanded our file upload capabilities to include pretty much everything from ppt to png, and docx to jpeg. Not only can you edit comments and upload names, but deleting them is just as straightforward. Plus, catch all the action at a glance with our new Appraisals tab - scores, status, and reports have never been clearer. And, as always, we've been on a bug squashing spree to keep everything running smoothly.

Appraisals Unleashed 🌟

February 2024


We launched the final piece of the performance review puzzle. This will allow for comprehensive performance assessments, ensuring goals are achieved and feedback is effectively communicated. 🤙

Full Throttle 💨

January 2024


We kicked off the year with a bang, focusing on tightening security measures and enhancing performance. From optimising database queries to reducing load times!

Ship, Ship, Shipping 🚢

December 2023


December was a kitchen sink type month - we were pretty restless! We added a new user role; Super User. Admins & Super Users can now comment and upload evidence too. All users can now edit comments for those annoying typos. We improved onboarding and billing controls using Stripe, and last (but not least) bolstered security!

Lots of Bug Squashing 🐛

November 2023


Increased speed and overall UX patterns with lots of bug fixes along the way!

Launch 🚀

October 2023


Initial Release of UnwindHR 🎉


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